No Weigh In December


 Can i just say that i don't normally weigh myself much at all, only when i feel like i've gained weight to i even look in the same direction as the scales at my mums, i don;t even own my own set. I am kinda a few days late, okay nearly two weeks late in sharing this BUT December is a month full of happiness, stresses and good food.. I believe that it's stupid to add to more stresses with trying to lose weight and reach your goal number on the scales. No matter what age you are, this time of the year you likely have a stress whether it be a bunch of finals or  targets at work, Christmas presents or  bills. There's no need to add to that stress with probably unreasonable expectations.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still going to work towards my goal and push hard towards it, but i'm not going to track it. If I don’t reach that goal - it will be ok as long as I know I worked hard and ate well throughout the month.

Join Me on my No-Weigh December? Do you think you can last the month without access to a scale? I know that i can!


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