How to Make Your Own Coffee Scrub

Over the past few months, I have also been experimenting with using more organic and less chemicals on my skin as part of my skincare routine.  I'm usually not the one to wear make up every day, nor do i usually wash my face with a scrub or a soap at all. But as for the rest of y body, I love using a coffee scrub right before bed. They say coffee is actually supposed to wake you up and get you ready for the day but I love the small later on at night when you're all snuggled up in bed.

I am no health expert, as much as i would love to be (maybe even enough to study up and get qualified?) but i enjoy reading up on things online, whenever something comes to mind i'll always go check it out on the wonderful Google.  These other experts on the world wide web claim that coffee (and caffeine) appareCocontly do all sorts of good things for your skin.

1. Diminish the appearance of cellulite

2. Tighten and tone the look of your skin

3. Serve as an exfoliant, when you use the grounds as a scrub

4.  Coffee is naturally a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

But the ingredients in this home made organic - chemical free scrub are simple as it gets. You'll need:

 Coffee grounds -To be honest, the first time I made this i just pulled out the instant coffee from my mums pantry and used it. It smells exactly the same as the original Frank Body Scrub too.

Sugar - Any type of sugar will do the job, I switch it up between brown sugar (for softer sensitive skin) and raw sugar (if i want a stronger exfoliation).

Oil - Coconut oil is my go to again here, it's amazing stuff for your body, inside and out.

Just mix them all up, and you will be ready to go with a scrub that smells good enough to eat. Between using this scrub, dry brushing daily and using the treadmill a few times each week my thighs have gotten softer and firmer, even my stubborn little dimple on my thigh is nearly gone. Maybe i'll post before and after picks if i can be bothered.  The coconut oil is a great moisturizer.I've added some of my photos as what it looked like for me when i was making it. It always helps me when I'm following a recipe.

All in all, it’s natural and that's the way i like it.

Getting Dreamy on Instagram

Happy weekend lovers! i've legit spent all day on instagram today drooling over some amazing photos, i do want to share a few of my fave screenshots with you! These are my lifestyle dreams for mind, body and spirit. Like a vision board in a blog post ...

Are You Suffering the Monday Blues?

It's just another manic Monday. Let's be honest, when you're living your dream life Monday's are so much nicer, you're allowed to sleep in, get up late, read a magazine while drinking a vanilla latte and Instagramming. Yep, that's the life.

But not just yet, i really believe the Monday Blues are a real thing that people often suffer. I know i do. I've come up with a list of things that might have caused you feeling a little down.

1. Maybe your job really isn't 'workable'
With the 9-5 daily grind really making life so more demanding over the last 10 years, i'm too young to have noticed the difference so far but i can see it with my parents. Companies cut personnel to try and save money on wages and have huge expectations that are just totally unrealistic. I find it so exhausting and discouraging to feel like you're unable to keep up. Maybe it's time for to consider a change. Find something else to do. Seriously, no job is worth that. A job should be exciting and fulfilling.

2. Your job isn't satisfying.
Only a few people understand how it feels to have a thrilling and enjoyable day. Every minute of the day.   Most of us have a whole lot of routine mixed in with occasional periods of excitement, or at least satisfaction.

3. Your life is out of balance.
This is one that i feel all the time. I'm such a serious person that i find it really hard to balance all the seriousness and fun.  If you only take care of yourself on weekends, Monday morning is the beginning of five days of deprivation. Not good. Take the time to reassess how you are managing the balance of your life during the week.

4. Your job is hostile to your relationships.
Jobs that require long hours, or that require you to take work home or put in time on the weekends, are killers to family life and friendship maintenance.Your discontent with your job may be a signal that you are missing out on too much of the warmth and intimacy you need from your relationships. Take a careful look at how you can manage the demands of your job in such a way that it doesn’t cost you love.

How To | Perfect Online Shopping for Swimwear

We all know how awful it really is when you've bought a pair of swimmers online and they're the wrong size, you either feel like you're about to fall out of them or you're Miley Cyrus dressed up on stage.

I've put a few of my tips together for you to live by when you're online shopping.

1. Understand your measurements in both metric and imperial and find the size guide online. I also look for similar built girls on Instagram and ask them what size they ordered as well. If this doesn't help i contact the brand directly to see what they suggest.  Also know the conversion for the sizing for international sizes too :)


2. Decide on if you really like it. Will you wear it? do you love it? knowing if you can customize it is important too, like can you take the padding in/out? Not all of this is in the model photos so reading up on your product is a great idea - again i do this while i'm also looking at photos on Instagram of regular girls.

3. Know what styles suit you and stick to them. Just trust me on this, there's plenty of bikinis i've bought and never taken photos of purely because they looked bloody awful.

4. It's so important when you buy any item of clothing that you judge it's comfort. There's no use buying something if you're not going to be comfortable wearing in public or just in general sizing. I usually spend a few hours deciding on a product and looking at it before i buy it. While i'm looking i consider the style of the bikini/swimwear and how it looks on the model compared to how it will look on me. Most websites will actually have their model's measurements somewhere for you to compare to.

5. For swimsuits - to me it's like a complete other ball game, i've never been able to get these right so far because of how short i am vs. my hip size. I'm so worried that they won't fit my hips that i usually order the next size up then its too big for me. Know if you can exchange your purchase before you buy it.

6. Look around for the cheapest products and surf the web for coupons. I do this all the time, not only do i usually get bored a lot but this helps me fill that boredom and i can help others deicde.

7. Ask me for advice if you get stuck, i'm more then happy to help you figure out a size if you get stuck :)

Like Attracts Like - Thoughts of the Day

I'm attracting happiness and kindness so that's what i'm expecting in return. I'm expecting all the happiness in the world to surround my life and my loved ones. But as for the rest of this quote... i'm really not too sure! I try so hard to be someone that i would respect myself and a lot of the time that just makes me too nice and i do get pushed around a lot. Especially in professional environments. I try so hard to succeed and to gain approval so i feel appreciated and i completely miss the point, that when i miss something important my whole world feels like it's come crashing down. I do expect so much from myself because i know i can succeed.

I have so many hopes and dreams that sometimes it does get a little overwhelming and i don't know what to chase first. I think that's why the law of attraction works so well. Because you're only focusing on one or two things at a time your mind doesn't run away with the fairies and all the endless possibilities.

Like thoughts attract like thoughts. A pattern of positive feelings. Have a think about that...

Do More of What You Love

 After having the day from almost hell, i needed to wind down and relax. I sat at the river with my books and did some light reading to clear my mind. I always find that reading my favourite books or romance novels always help me feel better for the rest of the day. I love to read because it's one less thing to think about. It's so much simpler.

Today my read was Khloe Kardashian's book. For the record, i'm a Kardashian fan. I follow all of them on instagram and am always one of the first to know their breaking news.
I have the Kimoji app, Khloe's book (i draw the line at Kim's selfie book) and adore their clothing choices.
The book includes how-to advice and lifestyle tips as well as stories of Khloe's struggles with weight, relationships and her self-image. Filled with personal thoughts, famous quotes and photos, her latest work will motivate you physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I know i loved it!

"I am so excited about sharing my philosophy on how I live and the power of strength," Khloe said. "I hope to be an inspiration to readers everywhere on how they can create their own true strength and beauty inside and out."

New Year New Habits Dailygreatness Business Planner

It's been 4 weeks since i last purchased a bikini. Four whole weeks.Who knew i actually had it in me. There's just not been many styles that i have liked so far this year. And i've enjoyed it. I actually have money in the bank even after being on holidays for two weeks. I'm so sick of making money for other people in both work and when i'm spending my money, i have a dream and i want to make that dream happen. Little steps in the right direction. I've actually put half my bikinis on sale on eBay because i don't wear them anymore and i would rather make the money back and use it for my dream.

But i'm a shopper so surely i've made some purchases right? I probably made one of the best purchases of my life. I've never actually seen something that helps you develop your ideas weekly as well as a five year plan. I'm so impressed at how much effort has actually gone into the design as well as the information.

Dailygreatness Business Planner: An Actionable Plan for Expanding Your Mind & Exploding Your Business


"Arguably the most comprehensive and stunning business planner on the market, the latest planner in the Dailygreatness series is a must-have for your business in 2016 and beyond. Encompassing everything you need to succeed in your business over the coming year, this planner is designed to upgrade your thinking while helping you hit your yearly business goals.
With a unique combination of an un-dated yearly planner (you can start anytime), finance & budget worksheets, goal, action & appointment planners and the best personal development tools, distilled down into a simple daily, weekly & quarterly structure, this powerful tool will support you in creating the habits of a Peak Performer.
Designed for optimal focus, personal growth and organisation, the week-to-a-view pages will guide you in forming excellent thinking habits while taking action on your most important priorities. The weekly check-ins, challenges, planners and inspiration, keep you firmly on track with your goals while the 90-Day high-level check-ins and challenges keep you committed, accountable & motivated. Each stage lays the foundation for staying true to your purpose as an entrepreneur, reaching your goals, expanding your mind & exploding your business.
The flexi-bound cover means the planner is durable, yet light in weight. The smooth matt finish makes it a pleasure to handle and the beautiful, unique full-colour design will inspire you to use it often. Starting your day with the Dailygreatness Business Planner will empower you to create your days in new and exciting ways, utilising your time effectively and enabling you to be the best entrepreneur you can be."
Seriously does that blurb just make you want to get out there are buy one? it did for me!


- Week-to-a-View Planner
- One Page Business Plan
- Business Vision Planner
- Expansion Strategy Worksheet (new) 
- Social Media Content Planner (new) 
- Comprehensive Goal Planning System
- Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly Check-Ins 
- 90 Day Business Challenges
- Weekly Priority Planners
- Weekly Action Planners
- Inspirational Quotes
- Weekly and Quarterly Goal Planners
- Finance Manager and Budget Worksheets 
- Un-dated, so you can start anytime."*

I can't wait to use it to create my dream life! It ended up costing me around $55 but can you put a price on your own happiness and living your dream?

It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee but you won't be needing that and you can refer a friend for 10% money back on your own order.  The only extra part is, is that you can't trial it and if you don;t like it send it back. It has to be returned unused.

**Sample text taken from The Dailygreatness Website.  

Welcome 2016

I've never really made resolutions before, i've never seen them as important really. They were just this promise you make at the same time every year and you probably break it 4 days into the new year every time. But this year i've made some promises to myself and i'm including them below for you. I feel like up until recently i haven't had a direction to go in, i get up, go to work, come home, exercise and then go to bed. How boring is that? when you do that day after day you begin to ask the Universe what they really had planned for you - but you're just so bored that you tune out of life and you can't hear the Universe screaming directions at you.

Okay so this year is a leap year, but most people don't count the first as a day because you're too hung over to do anything or function, so there was 365 days left of the year to create something amazing, something that will inspire others to follow their dreams. Not to just live but to be alive! I have two very important things that i'll be reminding myself about for the rest of 2016.

 1. Dream Big. Don't think that anything can hold you back. I had a dream the other night that i was relaxing on the beaches of Hawaii, just like i was on holiday. In my own little villa with a pool, just like the ones you see online on tumblr or instagram, but the truth in my dream was that i owned it. It was my legit dream, i want that to be a reality for my future and i will not let anything stop me. I'm going to design myself to the top! I've bought myself the Goals Journal from Kikki K and when i'm done with this post i'm going to learn how to use it and set myself up a timeline of positive and happiness stuff to keep my mind active and creative! it's so important to have dreams otherwise you really have no purpose in life and your soul gets lost from its destination.

I'm going to enjoy my journey, maybe i'll share it, maybe i'll keep this one private. Who knows.