Are You Suffering the Monday Blues?

It's just another manic Monday. Let's be honest, when you're living your dream life Monday's are so much nicer, you're allowed to sleep in, get up late, read a magazine while drinking a vanilla latte and Instagramming. Yep, that's the life.

But not just yet, i really believe the Monday Blues are a real thing that people often suffer. I know i do. I've come up with a list of things that might have caused you feeling a little down.

1. Maybe your job really isn't 'workable'
With the 9-5 daily grind really making life so more demanding over the last 10 years, i'm too young to have noticed the difference so far but i can see it with my parents. Companies cut personnel to try and save money on wages and have huge expectations that are just totally unrealistic. I find it so exhausting and discouraging to feel like you're unable to keep up. Maybe it's time for to consider a change. Find something else to do. Seriously, no job is worth that. A job should be exciting and fulfilling.

2. Your job isn't satisfying.
Only a few people understand how it feels to have a thrilling and enjoyable day. Every minute of the day.   Most of us have a whole lot of routine mixed in with occasional periods of excitement, or at least satisfaction.

3. Your life is out of balance.
This is one that i feel all the time. I'm such a serious person that i find it really hard to balance all the seriousness and fun.  If you only take care of yourself on weekends, Monday morning is the beginning of five days of deprivation. Not good. Take the time to reassess how you are managing the balance of your life during the week.

4. Your job is hostile to your relationships.
Jobs that require long hours, or that require you to take work home or put in time on the weekends, are killers to family life and friendship maintenance.Your discontent with your job may be a signal that you are missing out on too much of the warmth and intimacy you need from your relationships. Take a careful look at how you can manage the demands of your job in such a way that it doesn’t cost you love.

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