Like Attracts Like - Thoughts of the Day

I'm attracting happiness and kindness so that's what i'm expecting in return. I'm expecting all the happiness in the world to surround my life and my loved ones. But as for the rest of this quote... i'm really not too sure! I try so hard to be someone that i would respect myself and a lot of the time that just makes me too nice and i do get pushed around a lot. Especially in professional environments. I try so hard to succeed and to gain approval so i feel appreciated and i completely miss the point, that when i miss something important my whole world feels like it's come crashing down. I do expect so much from myself because i know i can succeed.

I have so many hopes and dreams that sometimes it does get a little overwhelming and i don't know what to chase first. I think that's why the law of attraction works so well. Because you're only focusing on one or two things at a time your mind doesn't run away with the fairies and all the endless possibilities.

Like thoughts attract like thoughts. A pattern of positive feelings. Have a think about that...

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