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It's been 4 weeks since i last purchased a bikini. Four whole weeks.Who knew i actually had it in me. There's just not been many styles that i have liked so far this year. And i've enjoyed it. I actually have money in the bank even after being on holidays for two weeks. I'm so sick of making money for other people in both work and when i'm spending my money, i have a dream and i want to make that dream happen. Little steps in the right direction. I've actually put half my bikinis on sale on eBay because i don't wear them anymore and i would rather make the money back and use it for my dream.

But i'm a shopper so surely i've made some purchases right? I probably made one of the best purchases of my life. I've never actually seen something that helps you develop your ideas weekly as well as a five year plan. I'm so impressed at how much effort has actually gone into the design as well as the information.

Dailygreatness Business Planner: An Actionable Plan for Expanding Your Mind & Exploding Your Business


"Arguably the most comprehensive and stunning business planner on the market, the latest planner in the Dailygreatness series is a must-have for your business in 2016 and beyond. Encompassing everything you need to succeed in your business over the coming year, this planner is designed to upgrade your thinking while helping you hit your yearly business goals.
With a unique combination of an un-dated yearly planner (you can start anytime), finance & budget worksheets, goal, action & appointment planners and the best personal development tools, distilled down into a simple daily, weekly & quarterly structure, this powerful tool will support you in creating the habits of a Peak Performer.
Designed for optimal focus, personal growth and organisation, the week-to-a-view pages will guide you in forming excellent thinking habits while taking action on your most important priorities. The weekly check-ins, challenges, planners and inspiration, keep you firmly on track with your goals while the 90-Day high-level check-ins and challenges keep you committed, accountable & motivated. Each stage lays the foundation for staying true to your purpose as an entrepreneur, reaching your goals, expanding your mind & exploding your business.
The flexi-bound cover means the planner is durable, yet light in weight. The smooth matt finish makes it a pleasure to handle and the beautiful, unique full-colour design will inspire you to use it often. Starting your day with the Dailygreatness Business Planner will empower you to create your days in new and exciting ways, utilising your time effectively and enabling you to be the best entrepreneur you can be."
Seriously does that blurb just make you want to get out there are buy one? it did for me!


- Week-to-a-View Planner
- One Page Business Plan
- Business Vision Planner
- Expansion Strategy Worksheet (new) 
- Social Media Content Planner (new) 
- Comprehensive Goal Planning System
- Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly Check-Ins 
- 90 Day Business Challenges
- Weekly Priority Planners
- Weekly Action Planners
- Inspirational Quotes
- Weekly and Quarterly Goal Planners
- Finance Manager and Budget Worksheets 
- Un-dated, so you can start anytime."*

I can't wait to use it to create my dream life! It ended up costing me around $55 but can you put a price on your own happiness and living your dream?

It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee but you won't be needing that and you can refer a friend for 10% money back on your own order.  The only extra part is, is that you can't trial it and if you don;t like it send it back. It has to be returned unused.

**Sample text taken from The Dailygreatness Website.  


  1. Amazing
    But too expensive

  2. I am curious to see how you like this planner after it's been a week! How is the budget planning and social media section?


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