Welcome 2016

I've never really made resolutions before, i've never seen them as important really. They were just this promise you make at the same time every year and you probably break it 4 days into the new year every time. But this year i've made some promises to myself and i'm including them below for you. I feel like up until recently i haven't had a direction to go in, i get up, go to work, come home, exercise and then go to bed. How boring is that? when you do that day after day you begin to ask the Universe what they really had planned for you - but you're just so bored that you tune out of life and you can't hear the Universe screaming directions at you.

Okay so this year is a leap year, but most people don't count the first as a day because you're too hung over to do anything or function, so there was 365 days left of the year to create something amazing, something that will inspire others to follow their dreams. Not to just live but to be alive! I have two very important things that i'll be reminding myself about for the rest of 2016.

 1. Dream Big. Don't think that anything can hold you back. I had a dream the other night that i was relaxing on the beaches of Hawaii, just like i was on holiday. In my own little villa with a pool, just like the ones you see online on tumblr or instagram, but the truth in my dream was that i owned it. It was my legit dream, i want that to be a reality for my future and i will not let anything stop me. I'm going to design myself to the top! I've bought myself the Goals Journal from Kikki K and when i'm done with this post i'm going to learn how to use it and set myself up a timeline of positive and happiness stuff to keep my mind active and creative! it's so important to have dreams otherwise you really have no purpose in life and your soul gets lost from its destination.

I'm going to enjoy my journey, maybe i'll share it, maybe i'll keep this one private. Who knows.

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