What's in my makeup bag?

i've finally madec a new video for you all :) click play to watch what i keep in my makeup bag!

Sophie Blayden Bikini Review

One very happy bikini babe right now, my Sophie Blayden Bikini arrived in time for the heat wave this week!

Sophie Blayden is an Australian made treasure, owned, created and shared by a small local business up the north coast. They've created this incredible range for women who love the outdoors, adventures, for the dreamers and the believers too. I find these designs have just the right amount of cheekiness to the behind that you can wear them anywhere!
Sophie Blayden's designs all remind me of the mother earth, with neutral colour schemes and conservative yet fun styles.


I'm wearing a size small in the Nebulosa top and the Felidae bottoms. The Nebulosa top is a classic triangle slide top with a tie up strap at the back, instead of being a halter style that can dig into your neck the Nebulosa top has slide straps attached to the back strap. You can change them around to a cross over back too! super cute. I love the fact you can mix and match this top with a brown bottom, black bottom, white bottom or a stripey black and white bottom. It's created from a polymide fabric (20% Spandex and 80% Nylon) making it so soft on your skin. It's actually pretty stretchy but still advisable to purchase according to your bra size. Also, it's got a clean white lining on the inside made of the same material so it won't go see through! 
One of these tops will set you back $70AUD.

Everyone knows i love cheeky cut bottoms, so the Felidae bottoms are no exception. They're a cute brazilian cut style with string sides. Mad out of the same material as the top, it's super soft too. It's said that these bottoms are really great for water sports too, i'm yet to wear them for anything more then just floating around in the river.  It's advised that this style stretches after a few wears so there is no need to go up a size like normal brazilian styles. I'm wearing a small in these with absolute comfort. These bottoms set me back around $60AUD.

 I was lucky enough to make a purchase and included as a special gift i got the Take Me Outside tote bag. Love love love. It's my new beach bag, fits all my tanning oils and towels in it as well as mangoes and my Memo water bottle. 
Since my purchase was over $100AUD i ended up getting free shipping too, it ended up taking probably about a week to arrive in the mail. 


It was only like 2 months ago were i saw the little hand drawn sketch of these bikini styles where i made up my mind that i needed to have them! 

What do you guys think? i love it! 37 degree weather today and i'll be wearing this one down to the river to try to keep the heat at bay. 

Isidora The Label

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sold out bikini from Isidora the Label Jessica Bikini in the rust colour. I had seen a few images floating around of this bikini and instantly fell in love.

I'm yet to take some photos wearing it, but for our enjoyment i've attached photos from the website directly. And lets be honest, the model is hot! i love love her tan!  

 Next on my list is the Nicola Bikini in the Khaki, hint hint Monty! I'm wearing a medium in the Jessica and the top fits like a glove but the bottoms are a tiny bit loose around the hips, luckily i can adjust it because i have my own sewing machine now.

I'm loving the royal gem colours, they're so retro but yet super cute. For only $79.95, it's super affordable too. 

 All other images apart from the last have been taken from the Isidora website directly.As i always say ladies - hand wash your swimmies and don't leave them laying out in the sun if you want them to stay brightly coloured.

The Roundie Beach Towel Review

My new love right now is my plush round towel from Aussie brand The Beach People. “The Roundie”, as it is usually called, is big enough for two people (but i use it just for myself) and features a black and white Aztec print with a white fringed edge. I love the fact my one doesn't have the colour so it matches and goes with nearly all my swimmers so far!

You can also purchase the essential leather carry strap which makes the perfect accessory for carrying the Roundie to the beach or park, or mostly in my case the river.

This Australian label, created by a sisters just north of Byron Bay, home to the original “Roundie” – an ingenious round towel featuring soft fabric, sophisticated prints and tassel detailing.

The Beach People also have a heap of large beach bags to keep your gear sand-free, as well as towel ponchos, beach carts and beach tents and totally cute instagram worthy items.


 Once you've tried one of these creations, i can pretty much guarantee that you won't be able to go back to a regular boring beach towel. You're welcome. You can thank me later.

Andi Bagus Kulit Bikini Review

For the record, I would like to point out that since posting this review I have now been blocked from Andi Bagus' Instagram. Now I absolutely can't shop with them again in the future. This just says enough about their customer service that I really don't even need to continue with my review. 

So i've finally found a bikini for sun baking only. This Andi Bagus Kulit Suede bikini is purely for looks in my eyes. Attempted to wear it at the beach and i'm incredibly grateful there was no one else there with us. It actually fell off while i was walking after it got wet! Not to mention the waves practically knocked it off too.

My boobs fell out completely ( I had underboob from the start), i'm not a heavy chested girl but this one size in the bust is a bit frustrating, it means anyone bigger then a C cup won't stay in it, as much as Monty thought that it was great! i didn't find it at all amusing. The back tie around my ribs didn't stay tied up - like is there a special way to tie up string like that? am i missing something here guys?

As much as i love looking at this bikini it's a no go for me. I did take some cute photos though, on the bright side. And it does photograph well.

It does dig into my hips - the elastic is thin so that's why it does that. If you're a curvy girl i don't recommend it, even if you're as small as me. You can't have any fat on your hips at all to wear it and it fit like a glove. This is an issue i've been having with some new designs that are out as of late. The thinner the strap, the more it will dig into my hips. I'm learning to embrace this fact and to be more comfortable in my own skin.

I love the material and the earthy colour of the bikini, the cheeky tiny design makes it perfect for tanning. It also won't matter if your tanning oil gets on the outside of the crochet detailing too - super handy! my Cocoa Bali Body oil usually leaves marks on my bikinis till i wash them (sometimes it will stain them too). Also, this baby is hand wash only - and dried flat in the shade just like every other 'kini i recommend. That's just another tip to keep them at their peak for seasons to come. Out of ten on the bikinis i would purchase in another colour - i score this one a 4.
For the record, i've reversed the top for a more plainer detail on the front. I didn't really like the crosses and felt like mixing it up a little. A few people have messaged me and told me i had it on inside out - this is totally done on purpose, guys, i'm aware, and yes it's okay!



Pout About It - How To Wear Lipstick

The Wanderland Lipstick from Sportsgirl  is the perfect neutral shade of brown to match any outfit and for only $9.95 you really can't go wrong! It's not tested on animals which makes it a good karma buy. 

Sportsgirl have released a whole range of gorgeous colours from the Pout About It collection that i;m going to be purchasing over the next few weeks. I would nearly go as far as saying i would rate it better then the Chi Chi creamy lipsticks. My collection is growing haha, they're all various shades of brown to dusty pinks, super cute.

The idea of diving straight into the deep end of the pool lipstick-wise can be terrifying for some girls. A sheer, glossy lippy that has some decent colour but doesn’t feel or look “lipstick-y” is the perfect way to get comfortable with wearing color on your lips. I started with wearing tinted lip balm as a great starting point, so try a whole heap of them on to find one you love—and then wear it all the time.Seriously though, even wear lippy when you’re running errands, going to work, or lounging around the house, wearing color on your lips frequently is the only way to actually get used to seeing it on without feeling hyper-aware.

Working Out While Under the Weather

This past week has been bloody awful for me and it's only half way over. I've been so stressed out at work that it's starting to affect my body physically! I seriously have felt on the verge of the flu for the past two days. Since i haven't been working out this week and resting i've managed to lose all the fitness progress i had made up until a week ago. It was huge progress too! I know all it will take a strict clean healthy diet and some running to get me back there, but still.. you know that feeling. So i've come up with a few tips i'll be doing for the rest of the week to keep myself active.

Sometimes i'll seriously feel so guilty for not working out daily even when i know it's not a good idea so in this list i've added a few things that make me feel better too when i'm unwell. 


1. Avoid the Gym
I don't even have a gym membership but you'll never catch me in a gym when i'm feeling even only 90% I'm not going to risk my immune system or anyone elses for that matter by being at the gym and sweating lots. But if you really must go to the gym then just make sure you wipe down the machines before and after and just take it easy the whole time.

2. How Do You Really Feel?
Have a think about it - what would you tell your partner or your friend if they said they were feeling how you are right now? Sometime we know what we need to do, but guilt ourselves into doing the opposite, like instead of resting you're guilt tripping yourself into working out. (i'm doing this right now, i'm trying to rest but my treadmill is calling for me!)
Having this mentality can sometimes be a blessing because it means we're focused on our goal. 

3. Do Some Light Yoga.
Seriously, go find a youtube video and just do it.. you know what, i'll even find it for you!

4. Sweat it Out.
Either rug up in bed and go to sleep or you can go sweat out the toxins at the sauna. Totally your call. I much prefer climbing into my own bed and sleeping it off as much as possible.

5. Just Rest.
Let your body heal itself (yes this is totally me right now.)

Things I like to do to make myself feel better often include;

1. Do Some Shopping
If you're up for going out for a light stroll, this is the time i go shopping. Like today on my lunch break, i literally spent 45 minutes in two different shops. I completely forgot about my headache because i was so busy trying to accessorize this outfit i was going to buy. If you're not feeling up to leaving the house, you can go do some online shopping. I can spend hours surfing the web finding cute little online boutiques.

2. Lay in bed and watch TV.
I'm currently typing this cuddled up in bed with my cat watching the X Files. Seriously so into this show right now. It doesn't involve too much brain power to keep up with it either. Other things i can suggest to watch are reruns of Sex and the City, Making a Murder the documentary, Vikings, and my personal favourite - David Attenborough's documentaries about anything!

3. Having a hot shower and using a coffee scrub.
It makes my body feel like heaven, not even kidding. I've created my own scrubs too which is even better. It makes huge quantities for such a cheap price compared to buying them. Here's my recipe. 
But if you must buy them then i can recommend a few brands;

Passion Tea Sugar Scrub

I'm loving the DIY beauty products, i seriously just can't get enough of them, like this recipe from A Pumpkin and a Princess

All you need is

1 cup granulated sugar
2 Passion Tea bags
¼-½ cup Jojoba Oil Pure
Orange Essential Oil
Pink food coloring (optional but only use a few drops! otherwise it will stain your skin)

This has inspired me to create so many wonderful scrubs. I think i'll be working on my own, since i'm not allowed to post up more then one photo of this bloggers stuff, or use it as my own tutorial - weird and not very well heard of but i totally get it. I would totally just give her free advertisement constantly if i could post her stuff up. But nope, i'm off to experiment on my own stuff!