Pout About It - How To Wear Lipstick

The Wanderland Lipstick from Sportsgirl  is the perfect neutral shade of brown to match any outfit and for only $9.95 you really can't go wrong! It's not tested on animals which makes it a good karma buy. 

Sportsgirl have released a whole range of gorgeous colours from the Pout About It collection that i;m going to be purchasing over the next few weeks. I would nearly go as far as saying i would rate it better then the Chi Chi creamy lipsticks. My collection is growing haha, they're all various shades of brown to dusty pinks, super cute.

The idea of diving straight into the deep end of the pool lipstick-wise can be terrifying for some girls. A sheer, glossy lippy that has some decent colour but doesn’t feel or look “lipstick-y” is the perfect way to get comfortable with wearing color on your lips. I started with wearing tinted lip balm as a great starting point, so try a whole heap of them on to find one you love—and then wear it all the time.Seriously though, even wear lippy when you’re running errands, going to work, or lounging around the house, wearing color on your lips frequently is the only way to actually get used to seeing it on without feeling hyper-aware.

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