Working Out While Under the Weather

This past week has been bloody awful for me and it's only half way over. I've been so stressed out at work that it's starting to affect my body physically! I seriously have felt on the verge of the flu for the past two days. Since i haven't been working out this week and resting i've managed to lose all the fitness progress i had made up until a week ago. It was huge progress too! I know all it will take a strict clean healthy diet and some running to get me back there, but still.. you know that feeling. So i've come up with a few tips i'll be doing for the rest of the week to keep myself active.

Sometimes i'll seriously feel so guilty for not working out daily even when i know it's not a good idea so in this list i've added a few things that make me feel better too when i'm unwell. 


1. Avoid the Gym
I don't even have a gym membership but you'll never catch me in a gym when i'm feeling even only 90% I'm not going to risk my immune system or anyone elses for that matter by being at the gym and sweating lots. But if you really must go to the gym then just make sure you wipe down the machines before and after and just take it easy the whole time.

2. How Do You Really Feel?
Have a think about it - what would you tell your partner or your friend if they said they were feeling how you are right now? Sometime we know what we need to do, but guilt ourselves into doing the opposite, like instead of resting you're guilt tripping yourself into working out. (i'm doing this right now, i'm trying to rest but my treadmill is calling for me!)
Having this mentality can sometimes be a blessing because it means we're focused on our goal. 

3. Do Some Light Yoga.
Seriously, go find a youtube video and just do it.. you know what, i'll even find it for you!

4. Sweat it Out.
Either rug up in bed and go to sleep or you can go sweat out the toxins at the sauna. Totally your call. I much prefer climbing into my own bed and sleeping it off as much as possible.

5. Just Rest.
Let your body heal itself (yes this is totally me right now.)

Things I like to do to make myself feel better often include;

1. Do Some Shopping
If you're up for going out for a light stroll, this is the time i go shopping. Like today on my lunch break, i literally spent 45 minutes in two different shops. I completely forgot about my headache because i was so busy trying to accessorize this outfit i was going to buy. If you're not feeling up to leaving the house, you can go do some online shopping. I can spend hours surfing the web finding cute little online boutiques.

2. Lay in bed and watch TV.
I'm currently typing this cuddled up in bed with my cat watching the X Files. Seriously so into this show right now. It doesn't involve too much brain power to keep up with it either. Other things i can suggest to watch are reruns of Sex and the City, Making a Murder the documentary, Vikings, and my personal favourite - David Attenborough's documentaries about anything!

3. Having a hot shower and using a coffee scrub.
It makes my body feel like heaven, not even kidding. I've created my own scrubs too which is even better. It makes huge quantities for such a cheap price compared to buying them. Here's my recipe. 
But if you must buy them then i can recommend a few brands;


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling great, but these are definitely good tips for those who are feeling the same! Hope you feel better soon

    1. Thanks girl, already feeling heaps better! Like I've gained 5kg but heaps better xx


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