The Purchase Report | April Acacia Swimwear, Brandy Melville, American Apparel, Ohana Swimwear

Since i've managed to save up a fair bit in my paypal account i decided that this month i would finally have some fun with it!

The first thing on my list that i bought was;

1. Acacia Swimwear Shave Ice Humuhumu Top and Polihale Bottoms

Amazing purple triangle top with crochet overlay and adjustable ties at the neck and the back. Matching tie-side bottoms offer minimal rear coverage and have crochet overlay detail. This bikini retails for around $239.00USD.
 It features;
Triangle top ties neck/back
Crochet Detail
Tie Side Bottom
Minimal Rear Coverage
You can use my discount code 'MADALYN15" to get 15% off all your purchases from ishine365

The second thing i ordered was;

2. High Waisted American Apparel Jeans

A classic style and wash unlike anything else that's been on the market for the last 15 years. Our High-Waist Jean is made from 100% cotton, 14 oz. denim. A heavyweight, non-stretch jean you can wear and wear to get that perfect, broken-in fit and feel. Hitting just above the belly button, these jeans will suck you in and smooth you out. They should fit nice and tight upon first wear and will loosen up after just a few hours, then return to their original size when washed. Order a size down for a snug fit, or to get a more relaxed feel order the same size as your waist measurement. Laundered for reduced shrinkage. Made in the USA. These Jeans will set you back around $90USD

Denim (100% Cotton) construction
Metal zipper and button closure
5-pocket style
Classic belt loops

3. It's Better in LA Brandy Melville Tee 

Featuring my next tourist destination, Brandy Melville has since sold out of the soft tee. I paid a stupid amount for this tee ($80AUD) and managed to wear it to a party and got ashed on to the point where it put tiny little holes in the front. I then in my intoxicated state managed to buy myself another 2 of the same tee on ebay, one with another hole in the back of the neck and a hopefully flawless second. That was a very expensive drunk night ($120 eeep)

 4. Aliza Dress Brandy Melville
 I just hope i look as good as Alexis Ren in this dress! I picked mine up on eBay from an American seller. Bless the Americans and them reselling products for a more expensive price then they were orignially retailing for. But i guess when you really like something you get it! i got this dress for $50AUD.

5. Black Basic Bae Bikini 

Taking over SUMMER 2016, the perfect Basic cheeky set every girls essential.The Simple triangle top fits elegantly with adjustable straps.The bottoms feature a cheeky Brazilian cut and the material: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex. I managed to get mine for $20 online on sale, i can't remember the website for the life of me but it sure beats paying nearly $100 for the one set. I've ordered a medium but i'm not sure if it's going to fit. I know their models wear a medium and they look smaller then me, but i don't know if they just look smaller because they're like a whole foot taller then me. Who knows! if it doesn't fit, anyone interested in it? lol .

Love Dazed Swim

Love Dazed is a collection of Swimwear and Mandalas inspired by Founder Kate Fordyce and her small team up on the sandy shores of Gold Coast in Australia. Love Dazed was launched at the beginning of 2015 and is growing!

For $60 per set i'm cheering! i've ordered myself the Dare top and Dare bottoms in a size medium in Charcoal and i'm waiting for them to arrive. I found them on Instagram purely by accident, but it's usually those accidents that are great hey.

 It's the best motivation - a new bikini in the mail ^^ above these tops here are your options. So while i'm sitting here eating Krispy Kremes and dreaming of being skinnier and toned, these babies should be on their way to me. I wish i looked like the model in the photo above, and i'll match her confidence once i put this one on! After pay day i'm totally ordering the pink set as well. I adore the pink bralette!

I can't wait for them to arrive so i can get some photos, there's no photos of the charcoal colour floating around online. I'll have to update this post once they arrive, but i was just too keen to post them up for you all. 
They are very very similar to quite a few brands online but not in such pretty unique colours or for such a cheap price! The bottoms feature a moderate coverage bottom with thick silky sides so they won't dig into your hips.
The top is made realistically for smaller busts, it does offer support with the thick shoulder straps.

They come in little plastic bags that i plan on using as a clutch to go out to the river or the beach.  So many newer companies are using little pouches like these to ship their bikinis out and they're super handy! i love getting them to store my bikinis in. They all slide together in my bikini basket all nice and neat. Hopefully it arrives before the long weekend and i can wear it out in the few remaining rays of sunlight before winter finally kicks in.The Dare bikini is such a classic style that will never go out of fashion.

Let me know what else you would love to see on Bikinis Anonymous, totally open to new ideas to share! :)

Sometimes I Feel... Beach Babe Bikinis

All you know is when I'm with you
I make you free
And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea
I'm singin'

But actually, i feel like there's so much more ocean in my veins, or maybe i was a mermaid in a past life. All i know is that i am drawn to the sea and everything it represents.  I feel like that because i'm so far away i compensate by purchasing so many bikinis/beach objects.

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I've just ordered myself a pair of Beach Babe Swimwear online. The Orabella Top and Bottom in Scarlet. I am super keen for them to arrive, all the love. I don't think i've ever owned a bikini this colour but since it's coming into Autumn and the cooler months i needed a bikini less bright then my last two. It will set you back a pretty penny if you are interested in one for yourself, but it was just under $200AUD for me my credit card.

I've ordered a medium, going up a size for the traditionally smaller/skimpier cuts. Here's hoping it fits after i've just sat here and ate a whole container full of vegan friendly brownies!!

H&M Bikini Review

Hello again! Aloha my friends and readers. I'm really feeling the happy pink vibes lately, with pink being my favourite colour and all hehe. Just about everything i've been posting has a pink tint/filter over it or has pink items in it.

H&M or Hennes & Mauritz is a Swedish multinational retail company that is very well known for its fashion for men, women and kids, I've posted about them before - and i'm doing it again for the same product now that i've seen they've brought it back for a second summer in a row.

Push Up Tie Up Bikini Top and the matching bottoms I'm wearing a size 4 in the bottoms and a 32B in the top. This colour is the Apricot colour. It's way more bright and neon in person then these photos portray. So i thought i would share with you all some updated photos :)

Forever21 Shopping, Shipping and Product Review


I have a few favourite American brands that i like to window shop, drool over and occasionally make a purchase. For those of you not familiar with Forever 21, they are the 5th largest specialty retailer in the US. A customer even named her daughter after the store because she almost had her baby in one of their stores.

I've been to the one in the Philippines a few times while i've been travelling but i would love the chance to check out an American site.  In its first year alone, it made over $1 Million! But even with its huge growth, it still remains a family owned business.

I've ordered a bikini, and two tops, one from the contemporary range after just falling in love with them all!


Their classy head office just screams amazing in my eyes. I would  dream of working in a place that looks like this.

But back to my review! The shopping was the easy part, i did it all on a mobile device, it ran smoothly and was very easy to navigate. I put the bikini in my bikini in my shopping cart and totalled it up. The bikini cost me $20USD something and the shipping a very high price of $38USD.

The Top Favourite Ruched Bandeau in Flamingo is like my newest fave bikini top. I absolutely adore the colour! It's an old season product and currently on sale for $9.99USD. I really wish i had gotten it last summer when i saw it because then i could have gotten the now sold out matching bottoms.


The bottoms i did end up getting are the Ruffled Cheeky Bikini Bottoms they're so close in colour you can barely tell. Made with a stretch knit, this pair of low-rise bikini bottoms features ruffled accents on both sides and a cheeky cut. Matching top available for those who like a triangle design. They're like $12.90USD or something cheap like that.


I've sized up to the medium in both the top and the bottom. I ordered the small, spent like $82 and then had to purchase a second pair and sell the first pair online because Forever 21 don't offer exchanges on swimwear. I would have thought that since i matched the sizse chart for a small i would fit a small, boy was i wrong. Could it be because i've gained a few kilos of winter preparation? or is it just American measurements just seem so different to Australian?

It does also offer removable halter straps, but they're really thin and are likely to dig into my neck a little, so i've taken them off.

Either way, i'm happy with my purchase. It arrived in a week with DHL shipping and i ended up getting it delivered to work so i wouldn't have to go pick it up. Can't wait to hit up the sunshine in this baby.This neon pink colour is one of my new favourite colours - even coming into autumn.

What i love about American bikinis is that they are made out of a thinner nylon material. While they may be cheaper quality and don't last as long as Billabong would, for example, i still love the feeling of the material. They're lighter and dry faster in my eyes.