Love Dazed Swim

Love Dazed is a collection of Swimwear and Mandalas inspired by Founder Kate Fordyce and her small team up on the sandy shores of Gold Coast in Australia. Love Dazed was launched at the beginning of 2015 and is growing!

For $60 per set i'm cheering! i've ordered myself the Dare top and Dare bottoms in a size medium in Charcoal and i'm waiting for them to arrive. I found them on Instagram purely by accident, but it's usually those accidents that are great hey.

 It's the best motivation - a new bikini in the mail ^^ above these tops here are your options. So while i'm sitting here eating Krispy Kremes and dreaming of being skinnier and toned, these babies should be on their way to me. I wish i looked like the model in the photo above, and i'll match her confidence once i put this one on! After pay day i'm totally ordering the pink set as well. I adore the pink bralette!

I can't wait for them to arrive so i can get some photos, there's no photos of the charcoal colour floating around online. I'll have to update this post once they arrive, but i was just too keen to post them up for you all. 
They are very very similar to quite a few brands online but not in such pretty unique colours or for such a cheap price! The bottoms feature a moderate coverage bottom with thick silky sides so they won't dig into your hips.
The top is made realistically for smaller busts, it does offer support with the thick shoulder straps.

They come in little plastic bags that i plan on using as a clutch to go out to the river or the beach.  So many newer companies are using little pouches like these to ship their bikinis out and they're super handy! i love getting them to store my bikinis in. They all slide together in my bikini basket all nice and neat. Hopefully it arrives before the long weekend and i can wear it out in the few remaining rays of sunlight before winter finally kicks in.The Dare bikini is such a classic style that will never go out of fashion.

Let me know what else you would love to see on Bikinis Anonymous, totally open to new ideas to share! :)


  1. What was the quality like? I'm planning to order from them now and can't find many reviews!

    1. They are made exactly the same as Myra swim - I like the material, it covers all the important parts and they had nice customer service. I would buy again.

  2. how long did it take for them to arrive? i havent been able to get in contact with their customer service:(

    1. Try their instagram page
      Mine arrived within 10 days

  3. I love their bikinis and am trying to order one but am unsure which size to get! Would you please be able to measure the bottoms for me? They haven't replied to their email or ig account!


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