Sometimes I Feel... Beach Babe Bikinis

All you know is when I'm with you
I make you free
And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea
I'm singin'

But actually, i feel like there's so much more ocean in my veins, or maybe i was a mermaid in a past life. All i know is that i am drawn to the sea and everything it represents.  I feel like that because i'm so far away i compensate by purchasing so many bikinis/beach objects.

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I've just ordered myself a pair of Beach Babe Swimwear online. The Orabella Top and Bottom in Scarlet. I am super keen for them to arrive, all the love. I don't think i've ever owned a bikini this colour but since it's coming into Autumn and the cooler months i needed a bikini less bright then my last two. It will set you back a pretty penny if you are interested in one for yourself, but it was just under $200AUD for me my credit card.

I've ordered a medium, going up a size for the traditionally smaller/skimpier cuts. Here's hoping it fits after i've just sat here and ate a whole container full of vegan friendly brownies!!

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