Best Swimwear Accessories

There are some things a girl must always have on hand during summer. I found i usually get the cutest things and am ahead of the fashion crowd in Australia if i go online shopping during our winter. Some of the things that i completely recommend coming into summer in Australia in a few months are;

1. Crochet Shorts to slip on after the beach
I swear mine aren't so crisp white, but more a creamy white.  Every girl needs a pair of crochet shorts and i now have 4 pairs. I have two pairs from top shop, these cream ones and a light blue pair from Forever21. They were so easy to purchase and i even got a discount code to make them even more appealing.
RRP:   £17.99

2. Little slip on wedges 
These super cute slip on wedges are currently on a crazy sale at Macy's. I got mine months ago when i first found them, but really i should have waited because now they're only $17USD. 

3. Russo Straw Hat
Okay so i may have 3 other straw hats for summer that don't include a Lack of Colour sun hat, but i swear, if it wasn't $89.00 i would already have it! for those willing to splurge and spoil themselves, this is exactly the straw hat to go for. This hat will be the star of your summer. The most amazing sun hat i have ever seen. Natural sunflower straw prong sun hat


4. Trendy Beach Towel AKA The Roundie from The Beach People
The Tulum beach towel is my favourite!  it is apparently inspired by salty, sun drenched days by the sea, followed by balmy nights. I've seen roundies sell for around $90+ depending on where you get
them from.


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