Do's and Don'ts of Mix and Match Bikinis

I love a good mix and match bikini sometimes, not all the time and quite rarely, but sometimes it's fun to change it up a little. With a lot of brands selling their bikinis as separates now it can save you lots of money during summer. You can splurge on that amazing bikini top at your local boutique or get one shipped online from overseas to mix with that classic black tie up bottom. Sometimes it can lead to you looking tacky or trashy, so here are my tips for the Do's and Don'ts of Mix and Match Bikinis 

  • Mix and match any cut of top and bottom E.G Tie side bottom, Bandeau top.
  • Match any two solid colours together. E.G Red Bottom, White top.
  • Match a print with a solid colour but only if the solid colour matches a colour within the print.
  • Match the same/ similar fabrics i.e
  •  Match suits of similar coverage i.e Full Coverage with full coverage, skimpy with skimpy.
Good examples of how to mix and match:

  • Don't match a solid color with a print unless it is a colour from within the print. E.G Floral aloha print with Solid Black Top!
  • Don't mix prints, this can rarely be pulled off so its better to avoid it. Unless you know exactly what you're doing.
  • Don't mix lingerie with swimwear, its not a good look. Like who would actually do this?
  • Don't try to mix two different colours that are almost the same to make a matching bikini set. It just doesn't work and it's obviously not the same colour. I used to be guilty of this - now i'm super picky.
  • Don't mix and match large full coverage styles with skimpy minimal styles, you still want to look like the set matches just a little bit, not like you just randomly pulled them out of the draw.
  • Don't mix extremely different materials E.G neoprene top with crotchet bottom - this is just a big no no.
Good examples of how NOT TO mix and match:

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