Introducing Tanzee Australia - Your New Best Friend in Bed

Okay, so this is the most ingenious idea i've ever seen. I'm so incredibly happy that i now have a way to protect my white cotton sheets and keep my tan on point all year round. These things are expensive you know! Tanzee Australia has created very glamorous  sleeping bag for classy ladies to protect their sheets from the awful fake tan stains. I'm so ready for summer once this baby arrives!

Each Tanzee slip is made from microfiber art silk so they're a lot more durable then the other products on the market. It's breathable, affordable and light weight. It's non absorbent which is also amazing for your skin and hair!

Each Tanzee should be hand washed with love and a little TLC to make them last you longer, if you don't want to hand wash you can also put them in a lingerie bag and slip them in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle.

 There are two different sizes Regular Size: 210 x 80 (Length x Width) which sells for $43.95 and the Large Size: 230 x 120 (Length x Width) which will set you back around $46.95.

With so many colours to pick from, no doubt you will end up with all of them by the end of summer. They've just released the Rose Gold colour on pre order, i've purchased one so hopefully it won't take too long to arrive. I've ordered the large size because i tend to roll about in the sheets a lot when i'm sleeping.

Rose Gold Tanzee

Tanzee’s are made to fit the person,  not the bed. Each Tanzee is a double layered sleeping slip design with built in pillow case and protective flap for quilt. The size that would be suitable depends on the size of the individual and how much sleeping room they would like. Please refer to measurements for further information."
-Tanzee Australia

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