Where to Get Kylie Jenner's Birthday Bikinis

This week we've seen our fave Kylie Jenner frolicking around in some super cute 'kinis that are giving me serious wanderlust right now.  To celebrate Kylie's birthday and her hot photos i've found where to get three of her bikinis and some alternatives too.

Tank Me To Tahiti Bikini - Naked Wardrobe
This swimsuit is a part of the "Nicole x NW" collection. Made in the US out of polyester and spandex material.It is currently out of stock but they made an instagram post on 12/8/16 saying it will be restocked soon!

Myra Swim Jagger Top and Cindy Bottoms
This is a design that i know the sizing isn't so great, i'm a size 8AU and the medium top doesn't fit my bust. I would wait till the bikini above is in stock and get it from Naked Wardrobe, but if you can't wait, Myra is double the price but in stock.

Solid and Striped - The Anne Marie Swimsuit
Made from fabric sourced in Italy with a soft outer material this one is amazing, it's on my list to purchase! It has less of a cheeky booty on it unlike in Kylie's photos but i have a feeling that's because her booty is bigger then the models from Solid and Striped.

An affordable copy of the swimsuit above from Missguided. The sides are lower cut then the one Kylie is wearing but this one is much more affordable.

The Elle in Red
The Elle's fit and silhouette is similar to the popular Ashton One Piece. However, the Elle is out to capture even the unwilling voyeur.

The Mark Cropped Tank Bikini

Red and Coral Cropped Tank Bikini. Fully lined. Italian Nylon/Lycra Body and Lining.

Basic Swim La Premiere Bikini Peach
This one took me a few hours of searching to come across on instagram, Kylie also has it in black too.

Minimale Animale The Lucid Bikini
This one isn't the exact copy of Kylie's bikini but it is very similar. I personally prefer this one because the colour is going to match almost every skin tone. The paler shades of peach and nude can make paler ladies look more washed out.


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