Victoria Secret Swimwear Review

A few weeks ago i posted about the Victoria Secret annual/closing down sale and the two bikinis i've purchased. They've both arrived and it's now warming up so i can wear them on my days off!

I love the neon nectar colour of this tie dye bikini. It looks so good on both pale and tanned skin tones.

I mix and matched my Orchid Woodstock Itsy bottoms with a bright pink teeny triangle top also from VS.

This hot pink bikini top is one of the softest bikini tops i've ever bought, and the straps are a little shorter than normal so they don't get tangled easily. Again it's perfect to mix and match it with so many cute bottoms - like these smocked ones from Nookie.

This season i'm totally digging the side braids with flounce off the shoulder tops. Keeps your hair put of your face but looks super cute and a great way to show off tattoos - just like i have in this shot.

These bikinis get my big tick of approval and i'm ready to buy more! ebay ha such a huge selection of VS bikinis - i usually find the out of stock items i'm looking for there.

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  1. You look AMAZING in all of them! i wish i could still find the frilly off the shoulder bikini set, you dont happen to know where else i can find it do you?


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