The Purchase Report | Summer Handbags

If you had to pick between jewellery, a handbag and a pair of shoes, which would you buy?

When answering this question, most of us have to remember how much we have for the week, and how tight our budgets are (think of that dream holiday or that beautiful house on the corner you're dreaming of living in one day) so the best way to approach the question is to think about what is the most practical. What will you get the most use out of? Which of these will you NEED to use every single day? Now, I know it’s not as fun to think of it that way, it's adult and it's boring. Think - Which could you use in a practical way

I'm a sucker for buying jewellery i don't wear, it sits there are gathers dust while i look at it and think i should probably wear that soon, but i never do. The most practical thing for me is a bag. I never used to be a bag person. I hated buying them, i never liked any of them, they were too big or too small or came in a shitty colour that didn't match anything in my wardrobe. Until one day i noticed that my best friend carries a different bag each week and i wanted to do the same thing. 

 Since we're all trying to adult and all are sticking to a budget i'm writing this post for a handbag lovers with a good eye for a bag that will be back each summer for many years to come, these are bags that i find affordable (disclaimer: i did actually save a few pay cheques before purchasing some of them) and would love to share!

The Casual Bag

I love a detailed bucket messenger bag, they're cute and dainty but totally casual. Mine is from Valley Girl, they currently don't have accessories on their online store so i can't give the link. It's very affordable, i can't remember the exact price but it wasn't more than $24.95AUD.

The Date Night Bag
This little beaded velvet bag stole my heart when i saw it online. I'm not sure if it's available international any more as it is sold out online, i had my personal shopper in America track one down for me and ship it over. It hasn't arrived yet but it should shortly! it was $34.99USD.

The Night Club Bag
Yellow is not my favourite colour, but seeing this Zara bag on eBay i had to have it. The bag itself was only $49.00 but shipping added an extra $30.00. You can shop this bag with the four remaining ones online. I had spent hours looking for another cheaper option but this is the only one here. For the record i have them in each colour, i got the other two colours from my local Zara store for $59.00 each.

Drinks with the Girls Bag
 Okay so this may look exactly the same as the Zara bag mentioned above, but it's bigger. I feel like when you're out with the girls you'll need a little extra space for your beauty products or your girlfriend's belongings if they're not taking a bag.  This cute studded style called the Nola Crossbody bag was $99.95 but i found mine on a 25% off sale.

The Shopper Tote
This is my old faithful bag, my go to, my use for every occasion when i can't be bothered picking a bag. It matches most of my outfits so i never have to worry about it not going with anything, black is always on trend. It was $32.00 and you can shop it here.

Personalised Bikini? Yes Please Alt Swimwear

swimwear just got personal
made by alt, designed by you

Okay this must be one of the most raddest finds i've come across on instagram this year. Personalised monogram bikinis. alt swimwear is an Australian based brand made from the highest quality luxe Italian fabrics. Each piece uses unique tailoring with the highest attention to detail.
The alt girl is a sun seeking, summer loving, free spirit, who proudly wears her individuality. This is why we offer custom embroidering, so each piece becomes your very own.
alt has a minimalist aesthetic and seamless finishing, allowing each piece to embrace the female body in all the right places (whilst providing just the right amount of cheeky). What more could you want? Oh express shipping too? yes please!

 This bikini will cost you $139 plus shipping but it's totally worth it, the material is super soft and fits like a glove. I'm wearing a small and it's a perfect fit.
You can pick three letters to have embroidered in gold on the back of the bottoms - i picked my initials MJM because who would pass up an opportunity to have their name on their bikini? I love how flattering the bottoms are, they're slightly Brazilian so they're not too cheeky and the sides are adjustable. I wear mine slightly higher on the hips but it can also be worn lower.

The top is a bralette style with a tie up adjustable back

Because of the simple classic style you can easy mix and match it with other styles and colours. It's currently available in black with white on pre-order.

Now i just have to decide what to get on the back of the white one!

New Mermaid Swimies Lolli Swimwear

Ever wanted to be a mermaid? now you really can dress like one in the new Lolli Swim Resort 2017 
The new collection is making all our childhood mermaid dreams come true, the featured bikini is hand crochet and absolutely gorgeous.

A photo posted by LOLLi SWiM (@lolliswim) on

A photo posted by LOLLi SWiM (@lolliswim) on

A photo posted by LOLLi SWiM (@lolliswim) on

Behind the Brand: Cami & Jax

As we creep further into springtime, temperatures are starting to rise! We've got to rely on plenty of goods to keep us looking cool, calm and collected.
We're always on the hunt for a great bathing suit, and i'm loving all the bikinis from Cami & Jax 2016 range which is still available and currently 30% off on their website, 25% off a bigger range on the Girl and the Water, it's also available at Revolve - which is where i buy mine from since they're always cheaper.
If you hadn’t heard of Cami & Jax yet, it was only a matter of time. The swimwear company, launched by Camille Brady and Jackie Brady in 2014 and has been growing ever since.

This bikini is the latest one i've ordered from Revolve, setting me back just over $115 with express international shipping. I've ordered a medium top and bottom and hopefully they'll fit.

 I'm never quite sure what size to get in Cami & Jax because i have one of their tops in a large and it fits like a dream and another in an extra small and it fits really well too, i worry that this top will be too small too! luckily Revolve have a great returns/exchange policy. 
Taking inspiration from the 80s and 90s, Cami & Jax have several suits that are reminiscent of the Bay Watch era, with high cut sides, low cut backs and intricate detailing that make the suits unique.

Sneak Peak Oct 28 at the Capsule Show
I'm super glad to see the reds coming back into their newest season and keeping some of the great designs they already have. Now i just need them to bring back the Anna top in red for me too! 

Cami and Jax Brady
You can see in the background of this photo here some of the colour pallet the designers have chosen to go with for the next season.  Fingers crossed that the prices stay the same (or drop lower - even better) so that us Aussie's can get them shipped over here. No other sneak peaks have been given as of yet so stay tuned!

Behind the Brand: Ohana Swim

A photo posted by OHANASWIM (@ohanaswim) on

Who is the person behind Ohana Swim? 
Two sisters, Vrindy and Ramana Benson founded Ohana Swim 1 year ago.

Where did the idea of Ohana Swim come from? 
The Idea came about whilst tanning on the beach. Discussing the optimal minimal bikini to tan in.
Where is Ohana Swim manufactured? 
We have one manufacturer in china that produces our more affordable range and one manufacturer in Indonesia Bali (LA LUXE RANGE) for those who love luxurious swimwear.

What do you think made your brand so popular? 
We try to cater to all girls as we have some affordable bikinis that move up to the more expensive bikinis. They are also very minimal and basic. The vaycay essential.

What can we expect from Ohana in the future? 
We have big plans to expand our ranges, from cheeky minimal to more coverage catering to the hot summers. We also planning to work along side a charity for the homeless in Melbourne. Oh and also to take over summers world wide hehe.

Do you have Afterpay? 
We know so many bikini babes are raving about it so far! We currently have after pay! its so great we love that all babes are able to afford and purchase Ohana Swim.

Do you have any tips for all of the young entrepreneurs out there who are daring themselves to do what you have done with your brand? 
of course! GO FOR IT. It can be very challenging and you will make a lot of mistakes but it will be worth it. And also We have developed and app called FOUNDER that will be available on your iPhones in the coming months. This is a start up kit for people to jump and and help them start their business's or pursue there creative dreams.

Thank you again Vrindy and Ramana for taking the time out to answer my questions, i know you're super busy prepping for the best line yet to be released S16/S17. I've picked a few of my favourite shots from their instagram sneak peaks to share!