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Who is the person behind Ohana Swim? 
Two sisters, Vrindy and Ramana Benson founded Ohana Swim 1 year ago.

Where did the idea of Ohana Swim come from? 
The Idea came about whilst tanning on the beach. Discussing the optimal minimal bikini to tan in.
Where is Ohana Swim manufactured? 
We have one manufacturer in china that produces our more affordable range and one manufacturer in Indonesia Bali (LA LUXE RANGE) for those who love luxurious swimwear.

What do you think made your brand so popular? 
We try to cater to all girls as we have some affordable bikinis that move up to the more expensive bikinis. They are also very minimal and basic. The vaycay essential.

What can we expect from Ohana in the future? 
We have big plans to expand our ranges, from cheeky minimal to more coverage catering to the hot summers. We also planning to work along side a charity for the homeless in Melbourne. Oh and also to take over summers world wide hehe.

Do you have Afterpay? 
We know so many bikini babes are raving about it so far! We currently have after pay! its so great we love that all babes are able to afford and purchase Ohana Swim.

Do you have any tips for all of the young entrepreneurs out there who are daring themselves to do what you have done with your brand? 
of course! GO FOR IT. It can be very challenging and you will make a lot of mistakes but it will be worth it. And also We have developed and app called FOUNDER that will be available on your iPhones in the coming months. This is a start up kit for people to jump and and help them start their business's or pursue there creative dreams.

Thank you again Vrindy and Ramana for taking the time out to answer my questions, i know you're super busy prepping for the best line yet to be released S16/S17. I've picked a few of my favourite shots from their instagram sneak peaks to share!

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