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If you had to pick between jewellery, a handbag and a pair of shoes, which would you buy?

When answering this question, most of us have to remember how much we have for the week, and how tight our budgets are (think of that dream holiday or that beautiful house on the corner you're dreaming of living in one day) so the best way to approach the question is to think about what is the most practical. What will you get the most use out of? Which of these will you NEED to use every single day? Now, I know it’s not as fun to think of it that way, it's adult and it's boring. Think - Which could you use in a practical way

I'm a sucker for buying jewellery i don't wear, it sits there are gathers dust while i look at it and think i should probably wear that soon, but i never do. The most practical thing for me is a bag. I never used to be a bag person. I hated buying them, i never liked any of them, they were too big or too small or came in a shitty colour that didn't match anything in my wardrobe. Until one day i noticed that my best friend carries a different bag each week and i wanted to do the same thing. 

 Since we're all trying to adult and all are sticking to a budget i'm writing this post for a handbag lovers with a good eye for a bag that will be back each summer for many years to come, these are bags that i find affordable (disclaimer: i did actually save a few pay cheques before purchasing some of them) and would love to share!

The Casual Bag

I love a detailed bucket messenger bag, they're cute and dainty but totally casual. Mine is from Valley Girl, they currently don't have accessories on their online store so i can't give the link. It's very affordable, i can't remember the exact price but it wasn't more than $24.95AUD.

The Date Night Bag
This little beaded velvet bag stole my heart when i saw it online. I'm not sure if it's available international any more as it is sold out online, i had my personal shopper in America track one down for me and ship it over. It hasn't arrived yet but it should shortly! it was $34.99USD.

The Night Club Bag
Yellow is not my favourite colour, but seeing this Zara bag on eBay i had to have it. The bag itself was only $49.00 but shipping added an extra $30.00. You can shop this bag with the four remaining ones online. I had spent hours looking for another cheaper option but this is the only one here. For the record i have them in each colour, i got the other two colours from my local Zara store for $59.00 each.

Drinks with the Girls Bag
 Okay so this may look exactly the same as the Zara bag mentioned above, but it's bigger. I feel like when you're out with the girls you'll need a little extra space for your beauty products or your girlfriend's belongings if they're not taking a bag.  This cute studded style called the Nola Crossbody bag was $99.95 but i found mine on a 25% off sale.

The Shopper Tote
This is my old faithful bag, my go to, my use for every occasion when i can't be bothered picking a bag. It matches most of my outfits so i never have to worry about it not going with anything, black is always on trend. It was $32.00 and you can shop it here.

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