Tacoola Bikini Review - I Don't Support Them and Why I Won't

I've been a fan of Tacoola Bikini since before they launched, i've been saving my pennies for the crochet collection for the past few weeks. I was tagged in one of their photos the other day and replied back to it saying that i couldn't afford to buy them and it was a shame. Last night i went to have another drool over their items and i realised it was blocked!!

So i messaged them  about it, they said i must have said something negative and that's why they blocked me. How could a brand block someone that's trying to save money to buy their beautiful products? i was honest to God in tears about it last night. I'm upset enough to write a blog post and share my experience with the internet. I try to avoid commenting on instagram to start with because it's a free for all to get blocked by people and people get click happy with the block button.
i'm awaiting their response to me saying that if that's why i got blocked i'm going to be really upset! They've seen my DM's on instagram and haven't responded yet! hopefully it's all one big understanding.

Edit/update: I've now confirmed that they blocked me because i didn't like the prices of their products and won't stand for negativity on their account. I've now been blocked on my secondary account after asking them what the problem was. They said they would unblock me and i apologised to them, saying if i had know it was an issue i wouldn't have done it. Their response - block that account too.
I have written proof that their issue was because i said i couldn't afford their bikinis was the reason they blocked me, it was negative towards their brand. What type of compnay blocks people who can't afford their products? people who clearly don't want my money

update #2 below are the screenshots of the conversation, i attempted to apologise as everyone can see here. I also wish to note that this brand did send me a free bikini after one of their competitions in 2015 for being such a loyal follower to them.  It was from their first release and since then the brand has increased their prices on their products. If this company recognised me to be such a loyal follower and gifted me a bikini as a thank you, then i find it incredibly strange that this has occured after all this time of me following. People are having a go at me and calling me a low life for sharing my experiences are all over my instagram post right now. I don't doubt they're all lovely people for one moment, but i'm so incredibly confused as to why this has all happened. I'm allowed to document my feelings in a matter that isn't defamation, not once has this post defamed anyone. It's simply stated my feelings and screenshots.
I wish i had actually taken a screenshot of my original comment so everyone can see how blown out of proportion i feel this has become.



I will actively avoid their brand from now on and i'll never speak about them again.


  1. Oh that's so awful love!

    1. its certainly been an emotional roller-coaster for me! All i wanted to do was love their brand, but now they won't let me

  2. that's so awkward

  3. Replies
    1. i freely will admit that was the word i wrote to describe them. Then realised my vocabulary and emotions are better than that


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