Blackbough Swim

I just wanted to share the latest collab I did on Instagram with you all Blackbough Swim. It's a newer bikini company based in the Philippines! They're a relatively new company that popped up recently and have taken over Instagram by storm. Have a look at it here, I've got post notifications turned on already! 

They are use USD and are actually more affordable than most of the brands in Australia - with FedEx shipping too! Their customer service was incredible and I ended up getting an extra top to mix and match my sets with. I already have my wish list happening for when I get paid again! I think it works out to be just under $100AUD a set plus shipping (free shipping to Australia for over $180USD) 

Kudos to Nick, my amazing boyfriend/Instagram husband for these hot AF images! I don't think I have ever felt so good before looking back over these photos. He works wonders with my angles, bless him! 
Combined with his amazing photog skills and a killer bikini combo I think I'm in heaven! 

I can't wait to work with Blackbough Swim again in the future. I would definitely love to visit them at their HQ during my travels next year.

BRKNIMG AMBASSADOR REVIEW - Why i will never shop with them again

I made an order two months ago with BRKN IMG and agreed to be an ambassador for them. They have no proof my $100 order was sent and are refusing to refund me, they have not replied to my 3 emails over the past 2 months and will only reply to my DM's on instagram.

They are now telling me they will contact my bank and their lawyer to tell them i am breaking my contract and terms and conditions. I am warning girls out there that my experience has been incredibly negative and i would think twice about working with them. I will never work with them again either, I hope others think twice about this too.

they advertise online;
"As soon as your package is shipped, you will receive an email notification confirming the shipment. The email will provide you with the tracking number for your package. Your tracking number can be researched at or"

I was not provided with a tracking number or a confirmation of shipping email. They are also not responding to my questions regarding which company it was sent with. They tried to tell me that it costs $56 for a shipping to Australia with a tracking number.

I honestly got ripped off, out of pocket by $100 plus online shopping bank fees and no bikini.  
I will never shop with them again!


6 Minute Bikini Body Workout for Busy People

Rise and shine with this quick morning workout routine.
Working out early in the a.m. before breakfast and hitting the shower is not only a great way to get the day going, but evidence suggests that it may help the body burn 20% more fat.

This morning workout is simple. It requires no gym or equipment, just your own body.
You’ll perform 4 body-weight exercises (squats, push-ups, planks, and bicycle crunch) back to back with little to no rest in between for 1 to 3 sets depending on your time.
  • 1 set = 6 minute
  • 2 sets = 12 minute
  • 3 sets = 18 minute
And that’s it. You can now start your day feeling like you accomplished something first go!  

Myra Swim 17/18 Collection

I know I have posted about Myra Swim before and I didn't have much to say, but it seems like they have listened to their customers in saying the sizes and styles don't quite fit right. As the latest collection fits me like a dream! Thank God! Because I love the colours and the material is so soft. When I am established with my own brand this is the type of material I want. They offer Afterpay - so the only reason I have made any purchases with them at all to justify their expensive items, or you can use my ISHINE365 code if you live in the US "MADALYN15" as they stock a few of their items there too!

I wear a small in tops, medium in bottoms, medium in one pieces and small in their clothing collection.

These are my favourite picks that I've ordered from Myra in the past few weeks;

Madden Playsuit - Vanilla 
Chic lightweight playsuit. Perfect to throw on after the beach to give a clean look. Button up or down to give a different style. Fitted at waist with tie to give a flattering look to your figure.

Ralph One Piece - Lavender  
Seamless, 80's/90's style high cut one piece.

Ralph One Piece

Milan One Piece - Navy 
Classic high cut, strapless one piece.

Otis Top - Vanilla 
Flattering open front, tie up crop. Paired with a high waisted bottom to give that classic 90's sports luxe look.

Sommer Swim | Crawford top & Hosk bottom

I will always have so much love for Sommer Swim. Their designs are so flattering on many body shapes and the colour palette is so pretty.

I'm wearing the Crawford top and Hosk bottoms in Bolero. It's my favourite colour they sell, it looks amazing in every style. 

I can't wait for them to get a payment method like afterpay or zippay for us Australian customers. Then I'll have them all! I've written before about Sommer Swim and one of their previous styles here



Indah Clothing Swim | Lush Lily Bikini

Indah is
an enigma.
beautiful, exotic and genius.
made by hand and created with love.
known for climbing trees for the fruit. And the view.
perfume that smells of Kauai.
dreaming in Balinese.
conversing with sirens.
powerfully gentle.
flying with dolphins.
a rock star and a diplomat.
hair loose and unfettered.
a force to be reckoned with.
For women who want to sing their own song. leaving men wanting.
golden skin and a pirate’s smile.
going commando.
a flower behind one ear every day.
an antique anklet strewn with little bells.
a backstage pass for life.
is rich in spirit.
is fluent in nine languages.
blessed by fairies at birth.
blowing on dandelions.
flying without a net.
giving back and paying it forward.
is karma incarnate.
radiating her own light.
fighting for equality.
whole and perfect.
one of a kind.
just how you imagined.

So it makes sense to have a cute floral triangle bikini, right?    Welcome to my collection INDAH CLOTHING 
You can order the top from Revolve since it's sold out on ISHINE365, and the bottoms are 
here also at Revolve. I've ordered the Tom Triangle top in a small and the Colin Side Tie bottoms in a medium.  I did originally have the bottoms in a small as per the size chart but they didn't cover enough of my crotch, it was so tiny! Especially when you're paying $116 for just bottoms and $104 for the top. Totally worth it, just make sure you have the right size, I even recommend going up one. I always prefer to get my US bikinis from ISHINE365 with my discount code "MADALYN15" and they have new Indah styles in stock right now!


Zulu and Zephyr | Natives Tri Bikini Fall 2017

Zulu and Zephyr have really outdone themselves this season, I'm so in love with the colour pallette and patterns they've decided to go with. They're perfect for autumn in Australia.

I've ordered the Native Tri bikini, in my usual size 10. ZZ's sizing is smaller than average in eyes over the bust. The size 8 fits everywhere but over my bust, it's just a tad bit too tight. 
The Native Tri bikini is made of the usual very soft fabrics and feels like a dream. Will set you back $150AUD


Zulu and Zephyr | Wilds Tri Bikini Fall 2017

The last bikini I've received from Zulu and Zephyr is the Wild Tri bikini. This one will set you back $140, so it's one of their cheaper designs. It features a smocking design triangle top and seamless styled bottoms. I'm really not a fan of their model they use, I'm glad to see she's not a sick insect but I would love to see them advertise their bikinis on average sized women, or women with a little more curve to them. I'm never one to straight away purchase a bikini with thin straps on the bottoms, always super paranoid that they will dig in and look very unattractive, but these actually don't look too bad. 
I'm waiting to organise a weekend photo shoot so I can go back and add in all the photos from the bikinis I've gotten over the past two months.  


Zulu and Zephyr | Wild Wood High Cut Bikini Fall 2017

Much like the one piece from Myra Swim, this high cut bikini from Zulu and Zephyr also features the tie up bust design. Setting you back $170AUD, it's a must have for this season. I've gone for a size 10 again, you can see what I was talking about when I mentioned previously that the tops from ZZ tend to be a bit tight on the bust on the photo below. The photo is taken from their website directly. 



Myra Swim | Aisha One Piece

Currently sold out in my size is the Asiah One Piece from Myra Swim. It features a seamless, high cut vintage style with a tie up front feature to give the ultimate cleavage boost. I love the tie up style, I've been obsessive over it lately with getting one from Zulu and Zephyr's new collection as well as the older collection that's currently out of stock. It looks to be a very popular style on the busy because everyone is sold out too! 

It looks like a two piece from the front and a one piece from the back. Super flattering with a high cut bottom front to give maximum support to curves.


  • Adjustable tie front
  • Full coverage back
  • Hardware free.
  • Seamless finish to give a second skin feel. 
  • Super soft nylon/spandex material for silky feel & extra stretch."
Retails at $120 and is only in stock in a large right now. Can't wait to get one, added to my wish list! 

Island Boheme | Velvet Paradise

Island Boheme doesn’t get more flattering than this! The ultimate in comfort, the Gigi top and bottom are a stylish alternate to the conventional bikini. With its double lined design and open décolletage too, the Gigi is perfect for the girl who appreciates the simple pleasures in life, imagine sipping Rosé under the sun or lazing by the pool.

The double lined design makes for a seamless no “cut in” fit. The only thing I can fault this brand on is not responding to emails, I've tried twice now to email them to exchange my top for a smaller size and haven't received a response yet. They only allow exchanges within 7 days of receiving your item and I'm running out of time now, hopefully they respond soon.  I also contacted them on Instagram for an update and they said I should hear from them Monday. I finally got the response! Poor things have been messed around with Cyclone Debbie! 

I ordered a medium top and bottom but the top is massive on me. I'll nearly even consider swapping for an extra small! 

The velvet is a really cool idea, not too sure how it will hold up in water just yet, but they're are a few Insta babes wearing there's in the pool and they still look great. 




Khongboon Activewear

This morning I woke to an amazing email that was just too good not to share asap with my readers. 
Khongboon Swimwear has branched out into activewear! The new range is a apart of the Khongboon Group and is conveniently named "Khongboon Activewear"

I've taken a few images from their website to show off my favourite styles. Their range looks to come in sets (how cute is that?!) so leggings and sports bra. 
Their look book is just too cute with all the fantastic yoga poses too. Their prices are in USD so don't get confused when you're making an order. Products are shipped from the Thailand warehouse internationally. 


Fae Swim | Vada Bottoms Ivory

Tonight I broke the budget again, promised myself only two bikinis a month and I've already gone beyond that! Eeep! 
This lucky purchase was from Fae Swim, they offer a fresh take on timeless swimwear for girls who love their minimal v-cut and g-string styles. Lately I've been really into higher waisted and cheeky cut booties because I'm embracing my body and all my curves to go with it. Made from luxurious Italian fabrics Fae Swim are on the higher end of the $$ scale  and their shipping prices are so expensive. I'm paying $20.00 so I hope it actually gets here in three days! Let's wait and see! It's been advertised that they will take 3-7 business days so they should be here by the end of the week. 

I've ordered the Vada Bottoms in Ivory, one of the newest colour-ways dropped recently. 
The Vada Bottoms are Fae Swim's take on the original 80's high v cut bottoms. The cheeky booty offers a natural booty lift and the best part - they're made from recycled materials. I've ordered the medium in the bottoms, I wasn't too much of a fan of the tops, they didn't look like they would sit right on my chest so I decided to give the bottoms a go first to see how much I liked them. I really wanted to get the musk coloured style but they were sold out! 

Edit- the medium bottoms are way too small, I'm easy a large in this brand. They don't offer exchanges to another size either so think twice before making your purchase. I did email them and they offered to exchange but I had already made an order for 2 more bikinis in a size large (for $308!!)  I was informed that I should have emailed them to check my size before my purchase. 
If your size chart is accurate I shouldn't have to email to double check my size - I should just be able to pick it and purchase and be good to go. Apparently the founder is also an 8 and can wear the small or medium with no problems. Not all women are the same shape and just because they identify in the same size range doesn't always mean those items will fit them too. She's a small 8 and no doubt a hell of a lot fitter and slimmer than me, I'm an 8-10 depending on the cut, so in some cases I'm a 10. Or in this case I'm a large! Waiting on a response now for a refund for the bottoms. This hasn't been a great experience for me, but it wouldn't stop me shopping with them in future - as I said I just ordered 2 more of their bikinis to trial. Someone with the same bust measurements as me was advised to go a medium in the tops - but I went a large because the sizes just seem like they're made in Asia and Asian conversions. If they don't fit they don't fit and then I probably won't go back again. It's almost as if it's the opposite of vanity sizing when you have something made in Asia. Their sizing standards are small than those in Australia or the United States. Their smalls are like an XXS here and that makes a huge difference. When products are like this and women have to size up two more sizes than their normal size it can really effect their self esteem - you're better off having them made on the larger side. I know I feel so much better when I get to order an XS unlike this occasion when I had to order a large. I'm not fat, I'm not even a big girl, so I can't imagine how those ladies feel - they just wouldn't shop with companies like that at all. 


I have included the size chart here. Today I've seen a girl with an 88cm bust or a 10c ask what size she should go - she was advised the medium. But yet the size chart states a small? So let's just wait and see how my large tops go! I would rather more nipple coverage than the models and I'll just pay to have the chest strap taken in professionally.