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Tonight I broke the budget again, promised myself only two bikinis a month and I've already gone beyond that! Eeep! 
This lucky purchase was from Fae Swim, they offer a fresh take on timeless swimwear for girls who love their minimal v-cut and g-string styles. Lately I've been really into higher waisted and cheeky cut booties because I'm embracing my body and all my curves to go with it. Made from luxurious Italian fabrics Fae Swim are on the higher end of the $$ scale  and their shipping prices are so expensive. I'm paying $20.00 so I hope it actually gets here in three days! Let's wait and see! It's been advertised that they will take 3-7 business days so they should be here by the end of the week. 

I've ordered the Vada Bottoms in Ivory, one of the newest colour-ways dropped recently. 
The Vada Bottoms are Fae Swim's take on the original 80's high v cut bottoms. The cheeky booty offers a natural booty lift and the best part - they're made from recycled materials. I've ordered the medium in the bottoms, I wasn't too much of a fan of the tops, they didn't look like they would sit right on my chest so I decided to give the bottoms a go first to see how much I liked them. I really wanted to get the musk coloured style but they were sold out! 

Edit- the medium bottoms are way too small, I'm easy a large in this brand. They don't offer exchanges to another size either so think twice before making your purchase. I did email them and they offered to exchange but I had already made an order for 2 more bikinis in a size large (for $308!!)  I was informed that I should have emailed them to check my size before my purchase. 
If your size chart is accurate I shouldn't have to email to double check my size - I should just be able to pick it and purchase and be good to go. Apparently the founder is also an 8 and can wear the small or medium with no problems. Not all women are the same shape and just because they identify in the same size range doesn't always mean those items will fit them too. She's a small 8 and no doubt a hell of a lot fitter and slimmer than me, I'm an 8-10 depending on the cut, so in some cases I'm a 10. Or in this case I'm a large! Waiting on a response now for a refund for the bottoms. This hasn't been a great experience for me, but it wouldn't stop me shopping with them in future - as I said I just ordered 2 more of their bikinis to trial. Someone with the same bust measurements as me was advised to go a medium in the tops - but I went a large because the sizes just seem like they're made in Asia and Asian conversions. If they don't fit they don't fit and then I probably won't go back again. It's almost as if it's the opposite of vanity sizing when you have something made in Asia. Their sizing standards are small than those in Australia or the United States. Their smalls are like an XXS here and that makes a huge difference. When products are like this and women have to size up two more sizes than their normal size it can really effect their self esteem - you're better off having them made on the larger side. I know I feel so much better when I get to order an XS unlike this occasion when I had to order a large. I'm not fat, I'm not even a big girl, so I can't imagine how those ladies feel - they just wouldn't shop with companies like that at all. 


I have included the size chart here. Today I've seen a girl with an 88cm bust or a 10c ask what size she should go - she was advised the medium. But yet the size chart states a small? So let's just wait and see how my large tops go! I would rather more nipple coverage than the models and I'll just pay to have the chest strap taken in professionally. 



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