Indah Clothing Swim | Lush Lily Bikini

Indah is
an enigma.
beautiful, exotic and genius.
made by hand and created with love.
known for climbing trees for the fruit. And the view.
perfume that smells of Kauai.
dreaming in Balinese.
conversing with sirens.
powerfully gentle.
flying with dolphins.
a rock star and a diplomat.
hair loose and unfettered.
a force to be reckoned with.
For women who want to sing their own song. leaving men wanting.
golden skin and a pirate’s smile.
going commando.
a flower behind one ear every day.
an antique anklet strewn with little bells.
a backstage pass for life.
is rich in spirit.
is fluent in nine languages.
blessed by fairies at birth.
blowing on dandelions.
flying without a net.
giving back and paying it forward.
is karma incarnate.
radiating her own light.
fighting for equality.
whole and perfect.
one of a kind.
just how you imagined.

So it makes sense to have a cute floral triangle bikini, right?    Welcome to my collection INDAH CLOTHING 
You can order the top from Revolve since it's sold out on ISHINE365, and the bottoms are 
here also at Revolve. I've ordered the Tom Triangle top in a small and the Colin Side Tie bottoms in a medium.  I did originally have the bottoms in a small as per the size chart but they didn't cover enough of my crotch, it was so tiny! Especially when you're paying $116 for just bottoms and $104 for the top. Totally worth it, just make sure you have the right size, I even recommend going up one. I always prefer to get my US bikinis from ISHINE365 with my discount code "MADALYN15" and they have new Indah styles in stock right now!


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