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Good morning lovers, it's not even going 10am yet on a Saturday and I've been up for hours! I love waking up early on weekends, means you have more time to enjoy for yourself instead of spending the whole day asleep. 

Today I came across The Whitney Bikini from Solid and Striped. I am in love! #wishlist 
This is my next perchase for sure, I don't think I'll make it to the end of this post before I make my purchase. To buy this from the Solid and Striped store directly it's $158USD so that's $205 Australian. When you sign up to their newsletter you receive a 15% off coupon - I got "DIVEIN15" - so if I buy it today it's only $175! So tempting. If you can't afford it all in one go The Iconic has a few other styles and also offers Afterpay - the buy now, pay later option. I'm not going to buy it directly from Solid and Striped purely because their international shipping SUCKS. It's $40 bloody dollars to FedEx it. As you can tell I'm typing this documenting my now shopping experience haha, I've ended up at Matches Fashion with free shipping and also free returns, so if I decide I don't want it I can send it back to them! It ended up costing me $187 which I think is pretty good! 


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