Zulu and Zephyr | Wilds Tri Bikini Fall 2017

The last bikini I've received from Zulu and Zephyr is the Wild Tri bikini. This one will set you back $140, so it's one of their cheaper designs. It features a smocking design triangle top and seamless styled bottoms. I'm really not a fan of their model they use, I'm glad to see she's not a sick insect but I would love to see them advertise their bikinis on average sized women, or women with a little more curve to them. I'm never one to straight away purchase a bikini with thin straps on the bottoms, always super paranoid that they will dig in and look very unattractive, but these actually don't look too bad. 
I'm waiting to organise a weekend photo shoot so I can go back and add in all the photos from the bikinis I've gotten over the past two months.  


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