Blackbough Swim

I just wanted to share the latest collab I did on Instagram with you all Blackbough Swim. It's a newer bikini company based in the Philippines! They're a relatively new company that popped up recently and have taken over Instagram by storm. Have a look at it here, I've got post notifications turned on already! 

They are use USD and are actually more affordable than most of the brands in Australia - with FedEx shipping too! Their customer service was incredible and I ended up getting an extra top to mix and match my sets with. I already have my wish list happening for when I get paid again! I think it works out to be just under $100AUD a set plus shipping (free shipping to Australia for over $180USD) 

Kudos to Nick, my amazing boyfriend/Instagram husband for these hot AF images! I don't think I have ever felt so good before looking back over these photos. He works wonders with my angles, bless him! 
Combined with his amazing photog skills and a killer bikini combo I think I'm in heaven! 

I can't wait to work with Blackbough Swim again in the future. I would definitely love to visit them at their HQ during my travels next year.


  1. What size are your Blackbough Swim bottoms? I think I am of similar stature and want to order the right size...


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